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Hello, all. I rejoined LJ (I used to have a rather active account on here) specifically to join a community, mainly one for this subject.
Well, a bit of info about me..
I'm Chelsea.
I'm 16.
I'm female, in case you couldn't tell by my name.
I am currently seven and a half months NOT cutting or burning. I've bruised myself with that stupid rubber band "coping method" several times, and possibly caused some damage to my tendon. Need to get that checked out.
I was a very serious cutter. Two years ago, I just cut a lot, but shallow. Last year, I cut deep. I went to the ER three times, I think, and Urgent Care once.
I've been in a psychiatric hospital in IP twice, and then OP twice, also. For some odd reason, lately I've been wishing I was back there. I've dreamed about the dang place so often lately, and it's bothering the heck out of me.
I have bipolar, (I think depression), schizoaffective, and possibly borderline personality disorder (they haven't tested me yet, but they think I might).
I've been in therapy since second grade. Oh, and I've been harming myself all the way back to then.
I've been in therapy with my current therapist for almost four years, I believe. I love her. She's amazing. She does so much for me, and I wish EVERYONE who has problems or suffers from something could have a therapist like her.
My kitty, Jazmyndde, is my baby.
I've had a lot of trauma go on in my life, and some of it my mother says happened even though I don't remember a single thing like that.
On a brighter note, I play viola. I used to be an Irish dancer, but my anxiety and asthma took over.
I want to study psychology, criminology, neuropsychology, and music in college, among other things. I plan on being a criminal psychologist when I grow up. I'm extremely interested in how the brain works, how people tick, and why people function certain ways.
Well, I think that was an extremely long "bit of info", but oh well.
If you have any questions or comments, don't ever hesitate to speak up.

On yet another note... I'm home alone until at least 11 tonight. It's only 5:35, and I'm already going crazy trying not to cut. :/.
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