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Well uh, hi. I'm pretty new to this sort of stuff so bear with me please? My name's Elizabeth, most call me Lizzy or any variation of my name they want to call me. I've been a self harmer since I was 11 or 12(I think) but I've stopped several times before starting again and never been as bad as I am now. I burn, or scratch with safety pins but I tend to burn more. I'd like to stop, I really would and I'm starting counseling to try to. It's just.. I just find it hard not to. My head starts spinning or I disassociate and it seems like the only way sometimes. I've also got a habit of punishing myself by not eating. 

About me? I'm 18, as of last September. I have something called Fibromyalgia and something called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome along with my mental issues which makes things tough. I'm trying really hard to finish my senior year but finding it hard with my anxiety. I live in my writing and music and I think I'd hurt myself much  more if I didn't have either. For the good stuff, I've got a really great community of people who help me on a roleplaying site which distracts me quite a bit and a great girlfriend, she's amazing and I love her. And I've also got pretty good parents who try their best to help me.

I'd just like some people to talk to who know what it's like to deal with the same things. Or even just people to talk music or books with. Just anybody would be nice.
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