sramondt (sramondt) wrote in self_mutilation,


 I'm new to this community and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I am grad student in Massachusetts. I am finishing up my degree in Counseling and Psychology and am doing my thesis on Self harm and adolescents and am looking for adults who self harm or used to self harm to take my ANONYMOUS survey for my research.

I just want to say that I that came into this field originally as a high school health teacher and was inspired by one of my former students who came to me in privacy because she was cutting herself. I am currently a Crisis Coordinator at University and am really trying to shine some light on this area, because as you all know, not a lot of people can understand why people self-harm.

If you are interested in taking my anonymous survey, the link is:

Thanks so much for your dont have a to create a username after you take the survey, you can just close it out.
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